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ShotByDesign revolutionizes the way your products are presented. We understand the challenges faced by marketing and e-commerce teams in handling extensive product lines, especially when constrained by budget and time. Our service provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, offering professional photography and CGI to create stunning visual narratives for each of your products. Unlike traditional agencies, we offer unlimited licensing - your visuals, your rules. Whether it’s 10 or 1000 products, we ensure that every product in your catalog gets its moment in the spotlight, ready for any platform, print or digital, with no restrictions.

Picture of a Salomon Shoe floating in an organic environment.
In-House - Expert-Led Product Photography
The "In-House" service offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to product integration within a CGI environment. When you choose this plan, you send us your product, and our professional team takes care of the photography, ensuring optimal lighting, angles, and camera quality for seamless integration into the CGI environment. This plan ensures high-quality, consistent, and predictable results.
Picture of a pair of Palladium Shoe inside a Neon Asian street.
Remix - Your Image, Our Magic
The "Remix" service is ideal for speed and cost-effectiveness, where you provide us with your product images for integration into a CGI environment. While faster and more budget-friendly, the final quality depends on your images' quality, influenced by factors like lighting, angles, and camera resolution. This plan is suitable if you have high-quality packshots and seek a quicker, economical CGI integration.

Credits per picture: 4

2 Pictures

Delivery Time 4 days

Please note that the provided delivery time is for reference only and may be subject to change depending on the complexity of the product and the specifics of the desired CGI environment.

Price per credit: €50

Total Credit Needed: 8

Total Cost: €400

Limited spots available

Credit Bundle Offers:

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